Diary / Tamás MEGGYESI

Terc, 2017

5pm 15th February, 2018

Discussion with the author:
Dezső EKLER (architect), Balázs HEGYI (parish priest)

This is the personal diary of the highly esteemed and beloved professor of architecture. These writings are far more than a simple diary: they speak of the world and people from an urbanist’s perspective. For the sake of clarity, the author later provided footnotes. Its genre is heterogeneous: it contains a collection of notes on his readings and spiritual experiences as well as confessions, meditations, and a mini private lexicon. As Tamás MEGGYESI writes in his introduction: “I had to come to the conclusion that my opinions I thought were objective were in fact dependent of my personal experiences and my reflections, which naturally come with solitude. So my notes eventually morphed into a diary, sometimes even took the form of a confession. Writing a diary is a form of talking to oneself, which is close to prayer. The diary may be heterogeneous in its genre, but it relates thoughts and experiences that are not unique to me. Since I am architect, more specifically (or perhaps, in a broader sense) an urbanist, the topics may be of a wider interest. Thus, this diary is not just about my life and my faith, but also about the space we live in.”

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