Let’s analyze each other!

Closing the Book Week with two authors

6pm 11th June, 2018
After the opening ceremony of the Crystal Palace on the 1851 World Expo in London, what did Queen Victoria write in her diary?

Architectural Wonders that did not make it into the last 3 semesters

5:30pm 11th June, 2018
Concert by Orsika TÓTH (vocal, guitar)

FUGA Guests

6pm 10th June, 2018
The ghost of Karl Marx, Saint Augustine’s confessions

Pliage Foundation and Fórum Publishing Company, 2018

11am 10th June, 2018
Musical Consolation over the centuries

FUGA Guests

6pm 9th June, 2018
Auguste Perret: Notre-Dame du Raincy

Architectures / 39.
ARTE France, 2010

9th June, 2018