Parallel Landscapes 2018

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) Department of Public Building Design, Department of Residential Building Design, Department of Industrial Building Design, Department of Urban Planning
07 02 2018 – 19 02 2018

6pm 7th February, 2017
Hero (2002) / ZHANG Yimou (dir.); Emi WADA (costume designer)

Ansnitt Filmclub – Costume Workshop 
Film-Virage Cultural Association

7pm 5th February, 2018
What historical, artistic and structural influences shaped the Statue of Liberty in New York?

10 more Architectural Wonders around the Globe

5:30pm 5th February, 2018
Haydn Sonata Evening by András NÉMETH

FUGA Guests

6pm 4th February, 2018
Tropicarium, Campona

Urban Sketchers Budapest

10am 4th February, 2018
The Royal Mosque at Isfahan, 1598

Architectures / 30.
ARTE France, 2008

3rd February, 2018
The Procession Clock of the Pyramids of Giza

Building complex

5pm 31st January, 2018
How did the Polynesian natives of Ra’anani erect the giant stone statues of Easter Island?

10 more architectural wonders around the globe

5:30pm 29th January, 2018
Concert by S.W.A.T. Guitar Ensemble

Provoked Traditions 

6pm 28th January, 2018
Tamás SZABÓ (mouth organ, vocal) and Csanád IGALI (piano, vocal)

Szabó Tamás – Igali Csanád Duo

8pm 26th January, 2018