Avoiding mistakes and lawsuits in construction


9am 8th November, 2017
Subway (1985) / Luc BESSON (dir.); Alexandre TRAUNER (set designer)

Ansnitt Filmclub – City Set
Film-Virage Cultural Association

7pm 6th November, 2017
Which Greek gods can be found on the Acropolis? Part 1

10 more architectural wonders around the globe

5:30pm 6th November, 2017
Piano four-hands by Janka TURCSÁNYI and Nóra GÁBOR-NAGY

Provoked Traditions

6pm 5th November, 2017
Towards the “30th Century” – Mistletoes (1977)

Judit Ember series / 4

6pm 4th November, 2017
Adalberto Libera: Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome

Architectures / 26.
Film series by Richard COPANS and Stan NEUMANN
ARTE France, 1995–2000

4th November, 2017
Hungarian Art Deco Architecture. Part 2 / Zoltán BOLLA

Ariton Kft., 2017

6pm 2nd November, 2017
Ancient Building Researchers Association Evening

Details soon…

6pm 30th October, 2017
Why wasn’t the designer of the Sydney Opera House invited to the opening event?

10 more architectural wonders around the globe

5:30pm 30th October, 2017
Budapest Architectural Award for Excellence


30th october, 2017