Which are distinctly Persian features in Persepolis’s heavily foreign-influenced architecture? Part 1

Architectural wonders that did not make it into the last 3 semesters

5:30pm 19th February, 2018
“Baroque turn”

CentriFUGA Production

6pm 18th February, 2018
National Educational Library and Museum

Urban Sketchers Budapest

10am 17th February, 2018
Schéner: Toy/Plastic/Drawing

Meseház (Békéscsaba) and Schéner-legacy, 2017

6pm 16th February, 2018
Diary / Tamás MEGGYESI

Terc, 2017

5pm 15th February, 2018
The St. Peter’s Basilica of Rome, Michelangelo’s Pietas

A new perspective on architecture and fine arts

6:30pm 14th February, 2018
The condition of the Opera House’s mural decorations

Ancient Building Researchers Association 

6pm 12th February, 2018
Who else, other than Gustav Eiffel, had an important role in building the Eiffel Tower?

10 more Architectural Wonders around the Globe

5:30pm 12th February, 2018
Harpsichord evening by Miklós SPÁNYI

Spányi/Bach/French suites/1

6pm 11th February, 2018
Identity & Culture 5

Scientific Students’ Association Conference BUTE Department of Industrial Design
07 02 2018 – 18 02 2018

7pm 7th February, 2018