Duo Meksyk

Mexican Embassy 

6pm 11th August, 2017
When I Was Better / Rita BOZI & The Blogfather of Iran / Ken CAMERON – excerpts

Readings from Canada on Canada and Hungary Past and Iran Today
Productive Obsession

7pm 19th July, 2017
Echoes – 100 Years in Finnish Architecture and Design


6pm 29th June, 2017
Szellemkép Diploma 2017


7pm 28th June, 2017
Night in the Museums 2017

Architecture, photography, music, club

6pm 24th June, 2017
Normafa, Elizabeth Lookout

Urban Sketchers Budapest

10am 24th June, 2017
Everyone needs a home – a last home. (Tomb and Crypt Architecture)

Ancient Building Researchers Association Evening

6pm 19th June, 2017
Motion picture and music

CentriFuga Production

6pm 18th June, 2017
Discussion with Gyula Kaesz’s students

Accompanying event

5pm 16th June, 2017