Golden Diploma Anniversary

Graduated artists from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts 50 years ago

7pm 30th September, 2017
Knowledge in Plaster Casts

The former plaster cast collection of the Budapest Metropolitan Industrial Drawing School (1886–1945)
Schola Graphidis Art Collection / MKE Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts

6pm 4th October, 2017
H6. Contemporary jewelry

Budapest Design Week 2017

7pm 5th October, 2017
Alhambra, Granada

Architectures / 24.
Film series by Richard COPANS and Stan NEUMANN
ARTE France, 1995–2000

7th October, 2017
What makes Rome the Eternal City?

Roaming around in ancient Rome

6:30pm 11th October, 2017
Monumental Tapestry Today / Klara TAMAS

International monumental tapestry art in the third millennium
ARTaltar, 2017

6pm 12th October, 2017
Garden Tourism

ICOMOS Hungarian National Committee, Association of Hungarian Landscape Architects, Pagony Iroda 

9:30am 13th October, 2017
Towards the “30th Century” – The Resolution (1972)

Judit Ember film series / 2.

6pm 13th October, 2017
Creative Writing Seminar


6:30pm 13th October, 2017