Benkő Imre: Élet-Mű / János PALOTAI

MMA Publisher, 2018

4pm 17th May, 2018

Introductory remarks by:
László HARIS 

Discussion about the book with:
Imre BENKŐ, János PALOTAI, István PION

With electric guitar music by:

Béla Balázs Award-winning Imre BENKŐ is an acclaimed figure of documentary photography, his unique oeuvre is well known both among professionals and the public. János PALOTAI‘s monograph, richly illustrated with original photographs, invites the reader on a visual journey in time, while following the photographer’s career from its beginning to the present. Whether they capture iron workers in Ózd or young people at Sziget Festival, Imre BENKŐ‘s photo series are always about participation, inclusion. The images are both personal documents and meaningful portraits of their time.