Avoiding mistakes and lawsuits in construction


9am 8th November, 2017

There has been much discussion about what architects should do; this conference series, on the other hand, looks at what architects do that they shouldn’t: what professional mistakes are architects and contractors most often reproached for? One of Hungary’s most well-known construction experts, dr. Elek TÓTH presents cases from recent years, while dr. László PERÉNYI, professor at PTE-PMMIK Faculty of Building Structures-Energy Design, analyzes the most common mistakes, including mistakes in waterproofing, roofing, and insulation. Experts from building companies add anecdotes about product-specific defects, rules of thumb, and good solutions.

Duration of the conference: 5 hours

Participation fee:
with registration: HUF 2000 + VAT
without registration: HUF 3150 + VAT