Architecture with People

Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
Embassy of Denmark in Hungary
11 04 2018 – 30 04 2018

6pm 11th April, 2018

Opened by:
Kirsten GEELAN (ambassador), Bálint KÁDÁR

Nowadays, Danish architects are known for their skills in sustainable development and energy conservation. They design buildings for people all over the world. In a welfare state such as Denmark, architecture and urban planning play a huge role in creating the framework for social development. Making design is a democratic process in which architects engage in a dialogue with citizens, professionals and institutions. This allows architecture to meet the needs of the users and as well as the possible needs of the future. The exhibition Architecture with People invites you to experience a wide range of projects developed by Danish architects creating settings that make people feel safe, generate new opportunities, encourage diversity, and most importantly, it is about putting people first.

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