Architectural Photography of Chicago, 1960–1990 / László KONDOR

21 03 2018 – 15 04 2018

6pm 21st March, 2018

Opened by:
Péter BAKI

Hungarian born KONDOR is better known for decades in the United States as a conflict and political photographer. This masterly body of vintage photographs from the 1960’s and 80’s of Chicago public art and architecture reveals a ferocious curiosity about this most American city.
It was in 1961 that KONDOR arrived in the City of Chicago. The young photographer was awe-inspired by the newness and enormity of Chicago’s modern architecture wonders. He prowled among landmarks created by giants in the history of Architecture such as MIES VAN DER ROHE, Louis SULLIVAN and Frank Lloyd WRIGHT. Chicago, the birth-place of the modern skyscraper, offered a forest of glass and metal to this new observer.
The images are in two phases – from 1960–1969, using a 35 mm camera and working out of other photographers darkrooms, reflect KONDOR’s inquisitive and emotional vision. The second phase is from 1973–1994, returning from photographing the war in Vietnam, KONDOR refocused his more mature and analytical gaze to many of the same buildings using a Hasselblad camera. These images were printed in 1994 in his commercial studio.
In 1996 KONDOR returned to his native Hungary and is now living in Kapolcs with his American wife.
A new selection of color archive-images have been printed for the first time for this exhibition.

  • LASZLO KONDOR Lake Point Tower Chicago web

  • LASZLO KONDOR Marina Tower  Chicago web

  • LASZLO KONDOR Standard Oil and Lake Point Tower Chicago web