A Place for Reflection / Tamás SOÓS

11 05 2018 – 28 05 2018

6pm 11th May, 2018

Guest artist:

Opened by:
József MÉLYI

Music by:
Orsolya Anna JUHÁSZ (vocal)

Sculptures and the news – they have a strange, other times cozy and familiar quality. SOÓS’s sculptures reach delicately towards the sky or appear black and heavy, almost immovable. Some glisten with joy. News seem familiar, since everything is news, and we want to become a news ourselves. We share everything we possibly can, and technology is ready to serve our desires: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … We only feel alive if and until we are news.
Is there a part of our lives where we can be ourselves without being broadcasted? How do we escape the news network? One possible answer is to turn it into art. According to Mihály POLÁNYI, “We know more than we can say.” The works of the exhibition convey the “tacit component”, the hope that we are more than just mere news. Sári EMBER‘s works, with their subtle factual reality, reinforce this hope in us.

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