Persuasion, the one Tyrant – Plato’s compulsion for manipulation

Pest Arts Academy 

7pm 22nd March, 2018

Lecture by:
Kosztasz ROSTA 

The lecture, focusing on the classical opposition of sophists (mainly GORGIAS) and PLATO, presents the various theories of persuasion (peitho). While a superficial reading may lead one to conclude that philosophers reject irrational argumentative techniques appealing to emotions, quite the opposite is true. PLATO was eventually forced to realize that the polis’ citizens can only be made virtuous through emotional manipulation. The limitations of rational discourse become apparent in the sphere of politics.

Kosztasz ROSTA is a PhD candidate of the ELTE Doctoral School of Philosophy ‘s antique philosophy program. The focus of his dissertation is the concept of taming in Plato’s philosophy. He is also the editor-in-chief of the doctoral school’s periodical (Elpis).

Pest Arts Academy is an open university organized by the PhD students of the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE University. Its mission statement is to show the public the beauties and pleasures young researchers find in the study of Liberal Arts.

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