From Liberal Arts Informatics to Digital Liberal Arts

Pest Arts Academy 

7pm 18th January, 2018

Lecture by:

Digital Liberal Arts has gained much in popularity over the past few decades. But what is it and what are its characteristics? Is it a new discipline or just new tools in the hands of existing fields? The lecture gives a brief overview of computer science in humanities, with special regard to Hungarian findings. The discipline has come a long way: from the beginnings to institutionalization, from mailing lists to magazines, from workshops to universities. Whether we call it a paradigm or toolkit shift, the past 70 years have produced valuable results for a wide audience.

Szilvia MARÓTHY is a Ph.D. student of the ELTE Doctoral School of Literature. Her dissertation is on the compositional processes of 17th century Hungarian poetry volumes. She has been engaged with Digital Liberal Arts since her Bachelor’s program in Szeged. At present, she is working with Hungarian online scientific journals as an ELTE Fellow. As editor of the Digital Arts journal, she is dedicated to promoting Hungarian research and encouraging dialogue between workshops.

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